Bad news. You’re being nerfed to the ground. Good news! The sky’s falling, so you’ll hardly notice!

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(Oh no, another Cataclysm blog post, will these bastards never stop?)

No. No we won’t.

I haven’t posted in forever, as you can probably see, but what got me out of the woodwork is that, once again, Ithykins is annoyed.

Rawr. This is mainly aimed at Restoration Druids and the Tree of Life change, so if you have no interest, bugger off.

Here are some of the hard facts to catch everyone up.

Tree of Life is moving from a permanent form to a 3 minute CD-based, 30 second Shapeshift that increases healing output and enhances the effect of certain spells. As per WoWHead:

Tree of Life – Shapeshift

6% of Base Mana

Instant Cast                                       3 minute cooldown

Shapeshift into the tree of life, increasing healing done by 15% and increasing your armor by 120%. In addition, some of your spells are temporarly enhanced while shapeshifted. Lasts 30 sec.

The spells enhanced are:

Lifebloom – Can now be cast on an unlimited amount of targets while under the effect of Tree of Life.

Wild Growth – Affects two additional targets.

Regrowth – Instant Cast.

Entangling Roots – Instant cast, Damage increased by 200%.

Wrath – Cast time reduced by 50%, damage increased by 30%.

Thorns – Not yet announced, to my knowledge.

Now, that aside.. Tree of Life currently is a permanent shapeshift. It grants a flat 6% healing increase aura to the raid, 200% additional armor, 20% mana cost reduction to heal over time spells, 15% of our spirit as healing spell power, and Polymorph Immunity, while limiting us from casting any offensive spells or Crowd Control.

Alright, now we know what’s happening to our form. Let’s address some of the concerns.

What we’re losing is as follows:

6% healing increase aura, 200% armor, 20% mana cost reduction to HoTs, 15% Spirit as Healing Spell Power, and Polymorph Immunity.

As for the 6% healing increase aura, the 20% mana cost reduction, and 15% Spirit as Healing Spell Power.. these can all be ignored because, and let me make this very clear, all of this will be baked in. It was ridiculous for this to even be NEEDED as a form. All of these things can be baked into our heals and talents, and will be in Cataclysm. You will be losing none of your ability to heal as effectively as the other healers in your raid, or the ones you arena/battleground against.

So let’s rephrase. What we’re losing is as follows:

200% armor and Polymorph Immunity.

Armor – The way Armor mitigates damage is not changing, but the Armor stat has been rebalanced to mirror changes to the armor curve in Cataclysm. As a result, bonus Armor will go down slightly overall. We are also changing the mitigation difference among armor types so that plate doesn’t offer so much more protection than mail, leather, and cloth.

So can we discount the lack of increased armor? I think so, yeah?

That leaves us with a loss of Polymorph Immunity. This is, indeed, a nerf. Go ahead and flip out, I know you will. Done? Good.

With Cataclysm, all healers are going to have the ability to cleanse three types of debuffs. Two of those will vary depending on class. The third, for every healer, will be a defensive Magic cleanse. Polymorph is a Magic debuff. Meaning.. Druids will be able to cleanse it in Cataclysm.

Immunity to Polymorph + Can Cleanse Polymorph = Hello, Mage comp? Meet Resto Druid Comp. You lose.

Polymorph is such a large part of Mage PvP that, if a healer were completely immune to it -and- could remove it from their team mates, it would be absolutely impossible for Mages to use one of their major spells. This would be broken as sin. The -only- way for us to remain even partially balanced and fair is to have one or the other. So let me rephrase, you are not “losing” polymorph immunity.. You are trading it for a defensive magic cleanse. If you can’t see why that’s a worth-while, beneficial exchange you have never healed in PvP -and- cannot think logically in any competent capacity.

On the PvE side of things, healers will be able to off-DPS in Cataclysm during healing downtime. All of them, including druids. “Able to” means you will not be performing to the best of your ability unless you utilize that ability. So let’s compare. Druid pops out of Tree of Life to off DPS, Priest starts spamming Smite. Damage hits, both go back to healing at the same moment. The first spell the Priest casts is Heal. The first spell the Druid casts is Tree of Life in order to heal as efficiently and powerfully as the Priest. If Tree of Life remains a form in the Cataclysm healing world, it will be an extra 1.5 seconds between your ability to heal on the level of every other healer whenever you throw some Wraths.

Sure, that might not matter to most people.. but as a player who likes to do absolutely everything he can to help the group and carry his weight, I -will- be off-DPSing whenever the opportunity arises, whenever no one needs my healing. I’d rather not gimp my ability to jump back into healing because I wanted arbitrary “buffs” that I could have had without the extra shapeshift.

This is just me ranting. But really, Critchicken Little.. The sky is not falling. The change to Tree of Life does nothing but increase the dynamics of our healing experience, and removes certain things that would cause unnecessary problems.

So stop crying.


I found this interesting.

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A few people have been doing these, and the answers have been rather interesting.. So I decided to fill it out because I want to see what my answers will be.

1. Raider, Farmer, PvPer, or Altoholic?

A little of everything except Farmer. I love raiding, I really enjoy the complexities of PvP, and I can’t stick to any one character for long.

2. Favorite Raid or Dungeon?

Favorite? Geeze, uh.. I’d say any of the vanilla raids are in the running. Naxx40 or BWL.

3. Number one choice for a new playable race?

Pandaren, because of my DotA days. Brewmasters and Monks and oh my lord. Who -doesn’t- want to play a drunken warriorbear?

4. Class you suck the most at?

All of them? I don’t consider myself being very good at.. anything.. in this game. If I had to pick one out, though.. I’d have to say I’m worst at DKs. Not that I can’t play them, or anything.. but they don’t interest me enough to learn much about them, so I don’t play them well.

5. Original UI or modded UI?

See previous two posts. I haven’t looked at the original UI for more than five seconds after a patch day login. Just long enough to go “Fuckin’ hell, Blizz..” and logout to fix it.

6. Professions you have never leveled past 200?

It’d be faster to name the ones I -have-. But.. I haven’t leveled Inscription, Enchanting, Tailoring.. There are others I haven’t maxed, though. And of the professions I -have- maxed, Alchemy is the only one The Girly didn’t do the work on.

7. Favorite Flying Mount?

Eh, I don’t really.. do.. flying mounts. I never have the gold laying around for Epic flying, and it isn’t a priority.. (though I would if I hadn’t given a guildy the Battered Hilt I won..)

The Ironbound Proto Drake looks cool.

8. Nozdormu – Friend or Foe?

Both. Simultaneously. Ignoring the whole “Nozdormu could be the leader of he Infinite Flight,” Nozdormu is the definition of True Neutral. He does what has to be done to keep time flowing the way it should. Sometimes that lines up with what we, the Heroes, want. Sometimes that means killing us when we get out of hand.

9. Useless item you have in your bank that you’ll never get rid of?

..I’m a paladin. I have like.. six sets of gear. I don’t know what bank space is anymore. (I have a couple of shirts for RP sets.)

10. The most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Saronite Swordbreakers. But I only paid about 1k for them, total.. Found a really nice blacksmith with the pattern and bought the materials.

11. Favorite starting area?

Oh geeze. Probably Dun Morogh. It was the first starter zone I ever went through, so I still had that “feeling of awe” that comes with just starting WoW. I still connect Dun Morogh and that feeling.

12. Inane goal you’ve worked hardest to achieve?

Before I lost my first account information just after I came back after BC came out, I’d worked my ass off getting the mount from the rep faction in Winterfall. Dear god..

13. Darion Mograine vs. Tirion Fordring, gloves off — winner is?

Darion. Fucking. Mograine. Are you kidding me? Tirion is such a pansy. He who uses The Ashbringer has yet to -earn- that title.

14. Game music or your own playlist?

My own playlist. I haven’t had in game music turned on since like.. mid-BC.

15. Particular option or setting you like to toggle on a new alt/server?

Hide helm and cloak, and equipment manager and Preview Talent Changes.

16. Highest amount of levels gained in one play session?

I went like.. 30-45 on my off-server shaman, healing dungeons.. I didn’t sleep for quite a while.

17. Thing you’d most like to experience or see in-game?

Arthas’ invasion of Silvermoon and the subsequent explosion of the Sunwell. I would love to see that as a CoT instance.

18. Worst PuG moment? uh. Every god damned time I step into a random? I’ve had far too many that have made me want to snap the spines of infants so they grow up knowing some fucking humility.

19. Best Dungeon/Raid moment?

My best moment? Oh geeze.. Kiting three of Moroes’ adds back in BC on my hunter was epic.. In Wrath? Probably the dozens of times I’ve survived without a healer, or in situations where people expected wipes were inevitable. Two-manning Heigan from 70% comes to mind.

20. Worst quest ever that you totally hate doing?

Two words. Zhevra Hooves.

21. First thing you do when you hit 80?

Respec. (Who saw that coming? Go ahead, raise your hands. >.<)

22. Character (of yours) you would RP as if you had to?

I don’t really have characters if I didn’t make them for the purpose of RPing them. But likely Kaedran. He’s most like me.

23. Keyboard, Mouse, or Both for using abilities?

Mostly the Keyboard. I use the mouse for movement, but some of my unimportant CDs and potions, buffs, and the like are mouseclicked.

24. Thottbot or WoWHead?

WoWWiki. Why the heck isn’t that an option? Nubs, all of you.

25. Acronym you’ve seen in chat but didn’t understand?

Funny story, that. I speak German, and so it bleeds into my daily communication quite a lot. While raiding, I would ask people if they were ready.. and get a “Jas.” I thought they were trying to say “Ja”, which.. is “Yes” auf Deutsche.. So I’d pull. Then get yelled at and not know why. Just a second.. ffs.

26. Plot point you’d like to see resolved some day?

..I want Rhonin to follow up on his pledge to crash Dalaran into Icecrown Citadel. Yes, I know Arthas is dead. I still want him to do it. Fuckin’.. Mary Sue.. Fuckin’.. Knaak..

27. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to in Cataclysm?

Crowd Control. They’d better do it right.

28. Guild event you’d like to see?

Massive Guild on Guild war in Gurubashi Arena. Please?

29. Level Range you hate being in?

Low twenties. I love the 30’s and every bracket up, but.. the low twenties just don’t have many options.. dungeons are slow because I have like two buttons.. it just isn’t fun.

30. Favorite map to quest in?

Oddly enough, I love Netherstorm.. I just don’t do it very often at all anymore.

Authenticator incoming.

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Well, today’s been exciting.

Our Raid Assist was hacked. Our bank was cleaned out. A thousand gold or so worth of Flasks, all of our fish feasts, our mats, and a few other things were taken..

To everyone who has ever bought gold: This is what you’re funding. This is how that gold you purchased is made. Individual people don’t hack accounts, gold selling companies do. If anyone you know has been hacked.. if anything has been stolen from your guild because of that.. if -you- have been hacked.. The action of buying gold is literally paying those people.

Basically, if you’ve ever bought gold? Go fuck yourself with a pinecone. A burning pinecone. Covered in ants. Ants that can survive in fire.

Anyway. So his account was hacked, and.. we’re running damage control. Blizz has been notified, as has his old guild on Suramar.. So now we’re just waiting. This may, however, ruin our Weekly run tomorrow, which sucks because it was supposed to be TL’s big comeback first raid.. which is why this bothers me.

But hey. It happens, we move on. I’ve realized I sound very Buddhist, lately. I like that.

We’re making sure it doesn’t happen again, though. The Girly and I, as well as everyone else who has access to our banks, have Authenticators on the way, and I’m suggesting what I know to help the guy get his computer clean.. So I see no real reason to stress or worry. Things are going to be fine.

Oh, while I’m here.. I changed my UI. Again.

There is beauty in simplicity..

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And I have found it. The Girly and I had a bit of a project, one that I kind bandwagoned into. With 3.5 a lot of her addons were made useless, so.. she went about the menial task of doing, well, this.

So in the spirit of boredom (This is my thirty.. sixth hour awake) I decided to rebuild my UI a bit. Downloaded Bartender instead of Barfix (Oh my god do this it’s so much better.) I rearranged like everything on my actual bars, did some tweaking for everything else, and.. the result satisfies me greatly. All I need is a raid unit frame that fits with the minimalistic feel.. Something  I can use to put ten frames in very small space.. But I can’t seem to find such an animal. So here, finished result. (sort of.)

Lookit those sexy wings.

Real Estate without removing essentials.

Hi, My name is Ithraen…

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and I’m a tankaholic.

Degenerate Masses: Hi, Ithraen!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, guys.. but I’m doing it again. I’ve been drawn back into tanking full-force to the point that I’ve built an entire ICC-ready tanking set in the span of a week, complete with the Splintered Door from something like 50 Regular Halls of Rape runs (dear lord have I earned my stripes) and the twenty or so runs through Regular ToC for The Black Heart (Which, mathematically speaking is far superior than most other trinkets before Icecrown).

The point is I am back, baby, and with a vigor. I’m excited about it, I’m enjoying it. I’ve realized I’m not satisfied with my gaming experience unless I’m tanking. It’s how I started, stance-dancing my way through Ragnaros.. and since then I’ve repeatedly gone back to it without fail. The question is why.

I’ve been thinking about it.. Tanking is stressful, usually irritating, often thankless, and far more often comes with the pressure of being required to know what you’re doing and do it flawlessly. I’m not particularly good at it, and rarely do I consider even outstanding feats.. outstanding.

In talking with The Girly I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be a “tank gene” some people just.. have. To enjoy tanking, to fit the role naturally, one has to be the type of person who would literally put themselves between danger and their loved ones. As Socius Ergalus of Morrowind asks, “You are cooking with your mother when a hot pipe starts to fall on her. Do you A) Push her out of the way, B) Yell at her in warning, or C) Grab the pipe so that it doesn’t hit her?”

If you answered C, you’re a tank. People with the “Tank Gene” are the people you always hear saying “You guys run, I’ll hold them off.” It’s a mentality, a desire to sacrifice yourself to ensure the well-being of your people. The raid becomes a precious commodity that proper tanks will do anything to protect. Tanks are just built differently from the average man, and I think it’s this tank mentality that keeps me leashed to a shield. Does it make me good? God no, but it makes me addicted. I’m the heroine addict who ODs after missing his taunt vein twice.

In any case, I’ve returned to tanking full-tilt and am so psyched. Even the 50ish HoRs I had to do to get a half-decent shield were kind of fun despite the asstards and paranoid insistence on hiding in an alcove – hell, I even had a healer drop group AS Marwyn ran at me in a group with no one capable of offhealing (No one died!) – it was relatively pleasant.

I’m excited and looking forward to progressing through with the reborn TL – Oh, I forgot to mention that.

/target Tattered legends

/cast Rebirth


So we’re solidifying our officer core, getting things squared away and set into place as a firm foundation and soon – very soon, my friends – TL will be throwing its ugly face Splintered-Door-of-the-Citadel-first at Yogg-Saron, moving up through ToCr and it’s (hopefully) Arthas by Cata.

Fuck yes.

That’s Mister Ignorant Fool to you, sir.

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Hey guys.

I haven’t been able to play recently because, well.. Everyone go give Aduial a hug. Like. Right now.

Anyway, I also wasn’t exactly able to post while this was fresh on my mind, so you’re going to have to deal with a flashback of sorts. Cue wavy screen, cue “WooOOooo” sound effects.

Keep in mind, this took the span of what was healing probably two to three dungeons. I give you, Act 1, a dialogue.

Shaman Guildy, Henceforth referred to as “Dicktard”: GOD I -hate- Spriests omg they kill me in like three globals. Blizzard needs to nerf spriests oh my god especially mind flay wtf is that it hits SO hard and slows me down so much I just crawl forward while they – blah blah, OP OP OP blah.

Me: Spriests are more balanced than they have ever been.. Yeah, the damage is high, but you have ways to stop it.. You’re a shaman, you’re like the anti-caster.

Dicktard: OMG no Spriests hit too hard I die in like three globals wtf I can’t do anything I can’t even shear because of their bubble and mind flay hits WAY too hard and – blah blah, OP OP OP blah.

Me: Well, I mean.. Keep Grounding Totem down, purge the bubble and you can wind shear.. Did you spec and glyph Stoneclaw? That’s a massive shield every few seconds if you did.. ups your survivability a -lot-..

Dicktard: You mean [Earthbind Totem]? Lol no it doesn’t it just slows them down spriests are OP I don’t see why I have to spec a certain way just to beat them. That’s stupid.

Me: No, I mean Grounding Totem.. and the game’s kind of built around speccing a little into a different tree.. I mean, you have 71 in Resto, right?

This little beauty of a conversation continues while I heal, me continually offering advice and attempting to be helpful, him constantly bashing my attempts and acting as though Blizzard was in the wrong for him losing to priests. I concluded early on that his point was this: first, that Spriests were overpowered because he couldn’t beat them playing the game in an inefficient way without using any defensive cooldowns. Second, that anyone who specs the way that is efficient is wrong for doing so, even though that’s how you’re supposed to do things to excel in the game.

This is stupidity. I do not deal with stupidity well. As The Girly remarked, however, I was apparently handling this particular case in a polite, calm, rational way, sitting through insults and the rantings of what amounted to a deranged lunatic while I offered method after method of defending himself against a caster, each and every one of which he wrote off as being stupid because it wasn’t how he wanted to play.

Now, I get it.. I get doing things your own way, I understand not wanting to use a cookie cutter spec.. Enough to refuse to use the tools you have to defend yourself, instead bitching about how you just got stomped by a better player is just overboard. What got me about this case was the blatant refusal to use the abilities he had. This man wanted Blizzard to change the game to suit his playstyle, instead of changing his playstyle to match Blizzard’s game.

Say you’re playing baseball. You get up to the batter’s box and the pitch comes in. You nail it, but it goes high and to the right, way out of bounds. Do you tell the MLB to change the standing rules of baseball to include where you hit the ball just because you’d rather not have to hit it where you’re supposed to?

Or you’re playing soccer and don’t feel like abiding by that silly “feet only” rule, so you pick the ball up and run. Do you call FIFA and attempt to force them to let you use your hands when you’re carded and thrown out of the game?

No. No you fucking do not. It is the same concept here. The game is not going to change because you, as a horrible player, are not sailing through arena matches without having to work. No.

You are not fucking five, Blizzard is not your family game night changing the rules of Monopoly because you fucked up and ate your only Hotel. Grow the hell up and learn to play within the parameters of the game.

The kicker here, however, is the way he responded once he’d exhausted all of his stupid remarks. It was, I believe, “You ignorant fool, I shouldn’t have to spec your way to play the game.”

This.. this is the point that I got pissed. I am the ignorant fool for giving you advice, proving that I know more about your class than you ever will, tell you step by tit-sucking-baby step exactly how to beat a Spriest, and all around remaining calm, cool, and collected while you barrage me with insults?

Yeah, I think not. Dicktard thus became the first guildmate I have ever ignored in my entire World of Warcraft career.

My point is as follows: The game is the way it is. It is, in a large way, more balanced than it has ever been. Just because you can’t beat a certain class without using the tools your class has been given, without speccing in a way that will allow you to perform optimally, and without knowing your class well enough to know what counters you have, doesn’t mean Blizzard should change the game. This is your fault entirely, and ranting that Blizzard should change things to suit your failure is, above all else, childish and stupid.

To quote myself, WoW is a finite game, with finite talents, spells, and abilities. Given that, there will be a “right” way, and a “wrong” way.

You, Sir, are doing it wrong.

Level one alts mean business.

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I wanted to do one of those cheesy “Oh, hey, didn’t see you there. Well, come on in..” introductions, but it felt too much like Mr. Rogers.

I am not that epic.

So hey. Remember I’m leveling that HoTbot sexycow of a druid? Of course you do. Pfft. Yeah..

Alright, well. Magey-friend, as he has been so affectionately dubbed, and I are Tea Ode at the current raidleader of our progression group. Explaining the reasoning behind that would require a-whole-nother post and a ten pound dose of Lortab, so I’m not even going to get into it.

Suffice it to say we’re mildly displeased. As are the whole Tattered Legends crew, really. It came up in conversation today that Magey-friend will be attempting to start his own progression group and, as expected, wanted us to be his core. That means tanks and healers. Tree-friend – again, as he has been so lacklusterly entitled – is getting back into Bearing mobs in the face.  The Girly is firmly entrenched in her new Prot and Holy Paladin.. and that leaves me. With a recently Ret Ranger morphed tankadin who is -not- going back to tanking. (No, seriously. He isn’t. >.> SERIOUSLY.)

And my Druid. Raid healing on a druid for a dedicated progression group? I.. .. … Dude. Yes? So I’ve renewed my proverbial vigor and desire to get her to 80 quickly, and redoubled my efforts.

Since Tree-friend needed to relearn how to tank, and I needed to relearn how to be 80, we decided to rock some regular randoms with The Girly. Everything goes swimmingly. The filler DPS we get for each seems extremely happy, and most are grateful for the carry..

Except, of course, for the Deathtard. (It’s -always- the Deathtard, isn’t it? >.<) This man pops in, sees that we have two 80’s and immediately decides he’s cool with getting carried. We get two pulls into the room and he AFK’s for a sandwich or somesuch and /follows the Tree-in-a-dress. We got entirely through the first boss with him on follow. (At this point I was contemplating charging off the edge in hopes of dragging him with me. Luckily for him the boss yanked him off follow.)

Things go.. pretty smoothly until we start through the crystalline area. It’s at this point that the following exchange occurs.

Tree-friend to the Girly: “Maybe wait until the first swipe at least?”

Deathtard: “your 80 ;)”

At this point I imagine things looked strangely like a jello-and-black-ice-covered, far-too-steep hill and our friend D.T. resembled the prepubescent lawyer’s son skateboarding at the precipice.

I have so many problems with this I don’t know where to begin. First and foremost, I suppose, is that Tree-friend wasn’t even speaking to him. That means that D.T. had a reason to be scolded that he recognized and didn’t change. Cue child with his hand in the cookie jar looking guilty while still stealing that cookie. Cue child abuse.

Here’s the real problem, though. As we continue to pull and destroy this place, we inform the DK that Tree-friend was there to learn, and therefore his level didn’t mean much of anything. Yes, Tree-friend was doing a good job, but he still wasn’t at all sure what he was doing. DPS getting out of hand plus a tank that has no clue = level doesn’t mean shit.

Deathtard then decides to inform us that he’ll be perfectly fine, because he has defensive cooldowns. Thank you, sir. I have Bear form and Barkskin and Nature’s Grasp and can heal, but I’m sure as hell not going to pull from the tank when tanking is not my role.

You are DPS. Your “job” in its basic sense is as follows: Hit things. Do not pull from the tank. Dry hump the healer if said healer gets aggro.

The fact that you -can- survive gives you no right to break group cohesion just to whip out your ePeen. Look at that warlock. She’s Demo. She could Meta and tank this better than most tanks. Is she being stupid? No. You throw your ePeen on the table, I will take a mallet to it.

So Dicktard pulls this random mob we were walking past because he “needs” it for a quest. (Need being false in this case, considering there were multiple versions of that same mob between us and the dragonbitch.) We let him tank it, cursing the WoW gods for making Death Knights so OP, he survives without heals.. (Son of a bitch, Blizzard, Nerf Death Knights so I can punish them properly!)

It’s at this point that I start staring at the cooldown so I can /kick his Dicktard ass the moment it’s over. It’s also at this point that he starts pissing off The Girly with some spew over Death and Decay and how he’s an asshat to her about – Here, just read for yourself. Meanwhile I’m still staring at the cooldown timer.

We get up to Keris.. Keris.. Dragonbitch and I ask Tree-friend to wait. Dicktard gets kicked and we go about our business in a way that doesn’t make me want to smash children in their tiny, shrivelled testicles with a spikey mallet made out of my virtual fist.

Soon as we’re done.. guess who gets a whisper from a level one alt named “Youradic.” Yeah.

So The Girly and Tree-friend spend a while talking in party sitting in Dragonbitch’s room while I bounce around tree-like, discussing the finer points in life with Mr. Dicktard. He proceeds to link me Elitistjerk quotes about Death and Decay (Which, by the by, proved him thoroughly -wrong- for using it when he did.) When I informed him that wasn’t why I kicked him, gave him a rather colorful explanation that boiled down to “you’re already being carried, dick, don’t fuck over the people carrying you,” he continued on to tell me that if I’m going to give advice, at least give the right advice.

Let me state again: It wasn’t my advice. Death Knights are the one class I don’t feel I know enough about to offer any advice whatsoever, so I don’t. Ever. I didn’t here. I didn’t even comment on it. I kicked Mr. Dicktard because he was being just that. An ungrateful ass who purposefully makes the group have to work to compensate for his detrimental and pointless actions. We were there to get Tree-friend some practice, and me some levels, not worry about saving a random 70 we’re already carrying because he can’t be bothered to sit down, shut the fuck up, and hit what you’re supposed to.

While I suppose a /kick was a bit overboard, I had hoped it would make this idiot who continually rattled off his main’s gearscore, saying that’s why he knows what he’s doing (My response, of course, being a heavily sarcastic “Gearscore matters.”) realize he has to work with the group in a semi-polite way, or at least in a way that won’t make them want to kill him if he wants to get through anything. Had he asked politely if we could kill said mob for his quest, instead of saying “I’m going to pull this I need it” we would have either turned and smashed it, or informed him that there were mobs we were already going to kill that would accomplish his quest.

Grating on the nerves of the people in your group does.. nothing.. but make them not want to group with you. Tamarind over at Righteous Orbs brings up a good point, though, that I find myself considering now that I’ve slept. He got his goal accomplished by being an ass, in that he completed his quest. Does it really matter how he asked for it? Does semantics really.. make a difference? We can’t go around dissociating ourselves with everyone who pisses us off. Believe me, I’d never even speak to myself.

I guess the point is.. A polite attitude goes a long way. Don’t be a fucking dick and I’ll be less of one. And seriously, when you feel the need to roll an alt to whisper someone on another server, for the love of Christ, man, at least whisper the right person?